How to look for a great cordless strimmer


The significance and the roles of strimmers to the average household cannot in anyway be gainsaid or completely appreciated. This stems from the fact that they help in keeping the grass as short, hedges kempt, and outside environment as liveable as possible.

The discussions that follow are centred on the subject matter of how to look out for the best cordless strimmer by highlighting and discussing the key traits of the ideal cordless strimmer.

Longer Battery Run Time

Those strimmers that are powered by batteries ought to have as long a run time as possible to guarantee long-term reliability. Run time refers to the total amount of time the batteries may last. They should thus be able to cut longer linear metres in one charge.

Larger Fuel Capacity

For those strimmers that are powered by gas, their fuel storage tanks ought to be as large as possible to accommodate as much fuel as possible. This is also to ensure long-term reliability and enable them reach out to an extended range before refuelling the tank.

Highly Versatile 

The ideal strimmer should be able to accommodate as many relevant accessories as possible such as brush cutters, strimming pool, fuel mixing bottle, harness e.t.c. and should also be able to carry out all the strimming-related tasks such as hedge trimming and grass cutting.

Wider Cutting Swathe

Cutting swathe refers to the radius/maximum possible extent which may be cut by the machine at any given time. It is measured in centimetres. The ideal strimmer should have a wider cutting swathe to expedite time and also save effort while cutting grass or trimming hedges.

High Engine/Motor Power

This refers to the amount of mechanical energy generated by the engine or motor whenever the appliance is in use. Engine/motor power determines the efficacy with which the appliance may carry out the tasks of trimming hedges or cutting grass. It therefore goes without saying, that the best strimmer should generate as much engine/motor power as possible.

Very Portable

Cordless strimmers by their nature are designed for use in very remote and often inaccessible locations. For them to be reliable and suited for this particular task, they have to be as light as possible.

Effective Controls

Certain delicate tasks such as edging and garden decorations require great deal of accuracy and attention-to-details. The best strimmers should therefore be equipped with effective controls to allow them respond to these sensitive requirements.

Final Verdict

The task of finding the best cordless strimmer may be quite daunting on the part of the average home owner so much so that, the intervention of a home appliance expert is by all means strongly recommended.